And my new adventure begins…back to the city life or whatever may come.  My time in the country was good, it was relaxing, but now I’m ready for whatever my parents decide.       Advertisements

11…one more day

On the 11th day of Gonzo, I prepare for either my final moments of country living or the final day on earth…just depends on if my parents or the Mayans were right…I have more confidence in my parents. See you tomorrow!


On the 10th day do Gonzo, New Mommy is making me pretty…my front ten toe nails have been trimmed but not too much. I could still kill something if I needed too.

Day 8 – Celebrate

On the 8th day of Gonzo, we celebrate two things – BD’s b-day and only 4 more sleeps till I get to see my parents!


Uh oh…I think I had too much catnip…I have a bit of a catnip hangover.


FIVE CATNIP BALLS! Four turns in the litter box Three squeezes from New Mommy Two extra cat treats And One piece of good news!

4th Day of Gonzo

And on the 4th day of Gonzo, I gave New Mommy four tuuuurrrrrddds in the cat box..ok maybe they weren’t all mine.